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1939 February 5 Miami Power Squadron charters with thirteen members as first squadron in Florida
  June 15 St Petersburg Power Squadron charters
  October 9 John E. Burks, N (formerly of Brooklyn Power Squadron, NY now a member of Miami squadron) becomes first District 8 Commander
1944 November 20 Palm Beach Power Squadron charters
1946 March 12 Ft. Lauderdale Power Squadron charters
1948 April 19 Tampa Power Squadron charters
  June 14 Clearwater Power Squadron charters
1950 May 3 Jacksonville Power Squadron charters
1952 January 29 Sarasota Power Squadron charters
1954 November 20 A nucleus from the Miami squadron forms Miami Beach Power Squadron.
  December 1  Homestead Power Squadron charters
    9 Delray Beach Power Squadron charters
    14 Daytona Beach Power Squadron charters
1955 March 16 Ft. Myers Power Squadron charters
      Tallahassee Power Squadron charters
  August 2 Lakeland Power Squadron charters
    27 Woodruff Lake Power Squadron charters
  December 13 Biscayne Bay Power Squadron charters
    21 Boca Ciega Power Squadron charters
    22 Jacksonville Beaches Power Squadron charters
1956 March 23 Key West Power Squadron charters
      Marathon Power Squadron charters
  October 27 At the Fall Conference in Lakeland a redistricting committee proposes a plan to divide District 8 into three districts, subject to the approval of the USPSŪ Governing Board  and the Spring Conference.
  November 17 Vero Beach Power Squadron charters
  December 10 Banana River Power Squadron charters
1957 February 11 The Governing Board approves the division of District 8
  April 13 The Spring Conference meets in Fort Lauderdale to give their seal of approval.
C/C William C. Wolfmuller, N, V/C Lester C. Lowe, JN and V/C Edward M. Sutton, N were present to observe and assist in this action - the first time any district had been divided into three districts.

District 8 (Southeast)

District 23 (Northeast) 

District 22 (West) 

Palm Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Miami Beach
Delray Beach
Biscayne Bay
Key West
Daytona Beach
Jacksonville Beaches
Banana River
Vero Beach
St. Petersburg
Fort Myers
Woodruff Lake
Boca Ciega
1958 April   At the Spring Conference, held in Miami, a district song was adopted - "Hats off to U.S.P.S." words & music by district aide Clarence Gagen, AP of the Ft. Lauderdale squadron.
  July 25 Pompano Beach Power Squadron charters
1959 January 17 Fort Pierce Power Squadron charters
      Hollywood Power Squadron charters
1963      Vero Beach Power Squadron returns to District 8
1965 January 23 Cutler Cove Power Squadron charters
1967 October 17 Coral Ridge Power Squadron charters
1970 January 24 St. Lucie River Power Squadron charters
1971 August 12 Everglades Power Squadron charters
1989     Fort Pierce Power Squadron changes its name to Port St. Lucie Power Squadron.
1997     Delray Beach Power Squadron disbands
2001     Approval was given for the D/8 Flag which depicts a number 8 and an anchor (to represent the shape of District 8) with 16 stars showing the relative position of each squadron within the district at that time. The flag was deisgned by District 8 Secretary Gloria Schulke, AP.
2002 May 11 The Operating Committee grant provisional status to Sebastian Inlet, the first provisional squadron in District 8
2003 September 6 The Operating Committee grant provisional status to Upper Keys.
  November 8 Sebastian Inlet Sail & Power Squadron charters at a special celebration attended by the Operating Committee. C/C Ted Smith, SN installs bridge officers.
2006 January  Upper Keys Provisional Squadron was dissolved. Members were absorbed by Marathon & Everglades squadrons.
2007     Members transfer from Miami Beach and Everglades squadrons to revitalise Miami Power Squadron - Miami Beach and Everglades dissolved.
2012  April   28   Council & Conference give approval to the proposed merger of Cutler Cove and Homestead squadrons.
2014  February  1  Cutler Cove Power Squadron officially disbanded. 
2015  April  24-25  Council and Conference approve the dissolution of Biscayne Bay Power Squadron dependant upon Governing Board Approval. 
2015  August   29 Biscayne Bay Power Squadron dissolved.  

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